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The Vienna Atomic Line Database (VALD) is a collection of atomic line parameters of astronomical interest and provides tools for selecting subsets of lines for typical astrophysical applications: line identification, chemical composition and radial velocity measurements, model atmosphere calculations etc.

The VALD Electronic Mail Service (VALD-EMS) is the main interface for accessing VALD by external users. VALD-EMS is aimed to endorse the following main principles of VALD access.

  • subsets of spectral line lists are extracted with tools consistent with the specific astronomical problem. VALD strongly discourages bulk data transfer for the case of an external access to the data base and concentrates more on intelligent search and extraction procedures.
  • VALD provides data sets and extraction tools suitable for several spectroscopic applications.
  • VALD is regularly updated with critically evaluated data sets. The VALD project team experts investigate the statistical properties of the data, extensively compare the results obtained with different data sources, and establish the quality rating for each new source.
  • VALD computers are not dedicated to the VALD project alone, so the correct scheduling is important.
Mail access lets VALD automatically process requests and queue them for execution on VALD computers at the most convenient time. It also allows us to have control over the size of the data traffic and to register VALD users.

Apart from the mail service, this WWW interface has been developed to facilitate extraction of data from VALD and to contact the VALD staff for troubleshooting and registration.